Speaking Engagements

As a speaker, I want to meet the needs of my audience and provide additional resources. I am broadening my areas of speciality and am available to present a myriad of topics.

To date I have presented Before Publication Marketing Solutions. 

I am also available to speak on writing topics to both adult and children's groups. 

Before Publication Marketing Solutions is a 2 hour presentation complete with information, applications, practice, individual integration, and resources.

Before Publication Marketing Solutions was presented June 7, 2014 in Lansing Michigan at the Great Lakes ACFW monthly meeting. Here are some comments from those who attended: 

"After fifteen years of writing and knocking on publishing house doors finally relying on self-publication to get my work out there, I found Mary’s insights about pre-publication work not only valuable but essential knowledge that I lacked.  Her interactive presentation was not condescending, which produced incentives for further goal setting and hope for the future." Rohn Federbush

"Mary Vee  - presented MARKETING AS A PRE-PUBBED writer today in Lansing, MI - IT WAS FANTASTIC and there were several of us who benefited from it - WORTH IT _ ALL OF IT_I'm just so sorry she had to sacrifice her last day at WRITE TO PUBLISH In Wheaton IL - to get back in time to meet us in Lansing this morning - THAT my ACFW Great Lakes Chapter friends - is dedication and a LOVE for serving other writers - THANK YOU, MARY VEE!" Joy Melville

"Valuable information, which Mary presented very
well! You did such a wonderful job, Mary Vee! Thanks for putting together such a valuable workshop!"   Kathleen Rouser

"Enjoyed the workshop thanks for all your preparation, so much good information."  Nelle Cooper

Mary Vee is a pre-published, espresso-charged writer seeking not only publication, but also to provide encouragement and marketing tools for other Christian fiction writers/authors. She has been a member of Writers Alley since 2010. Her posts have focused on what makes a successful writer. As an experienced speaker, she includes educational information and training in a fun inter-active presentation. Mary has lived in big cities and rural areas which has given her first-hand experience as to the needs for writers to market their work no matter what their setting.

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