Other Places I Post

The virtual beverage I will serve on this page will have a to-go cup for you to safely carry to the other sites I've posted. Something that has a wonderful aroma. Yes. Hot chocolate. Yum!

1. My website: Never Give Up Stories www.maryveewriter.com

As a young adult suspense/mystery/adventure writer,  I am excited show through story a reason to Never Give Up, no matter what the circumstance.


I also write posts on other sites, some as a member of the group and post regularly, others as a guest. Either way I find these to be great opportunities to meet new friends.

2. The Writer's Alley:  thewritersalleys.blogspot.com
My posts about the writing craft are featured every other Wednesday.

3. God Loves Kids: mimaryvee.blogspot.com
This is my ministry blog. A walk through the Bible Stories in family friendly language posted every Wed, Sat. Missionary stories for families posted every Monday.

4. ACFW Great Lakes Chapter blog: Marketing with Mary Vee

5. Clash of the Titles-Olympia Finalists My Interview as a 2015 Finalists

6. Debra Ann Gray-Elliott's blog

Welcome Guest Blogger Breast Cancer Survivor Mary Vee 

7. Joselyn Vaughn's blog: 

Fuel Your Creativity

8. Cynthia Herron's blog: 

A Guest Post by the Delightful Mary Vee
Author Mary Vee shoes her heart and talks about her writing journey.

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