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I'm Mary Vee 

Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you came.

While I am sharing a bit about me, I am serving a virtual healthy beverage. Have a glass of refreshing orange juice.

As a small child, I dreamed of becoming a cowgirl. I lived in South Bend, Indiana. Not the best place to fulfill that dream. 

As the years went by, my dream career list expanded to include missionary, concert flutist, teacher, conductor, and dean of women at a college. Did you have a list, too?

God in His gracious mercy, and maybe humor, allowed me to dabble in my dreams. And while there he gave me experiences, opportunities, knowledge and skills to become the writer I am today. I love to spend hours writing, editing and learning to components. My love for writing grows every day.

As a nature person, I find myself relating my writing journey to the great outdoors. Walking through the woods I see, smell, and hear a variety of life: animals, trees, plants, people. All these components flavor my journey. To have only one would dull the experience.

In the same way, my writing journey is like the woods. My family, previous jobs, trips, holidays, and etc. all have become components to flavor my journey guided by Christ. To have only one would dull my writing.

Each step on the path hasn’t necessarily moved me forward. Sometimes I see a deer and hover like a humming-bird, soaking in the richness. While there, God enhances the moment giving me ideas, teaching me lessons, reminding me to praise Him, reflect on His Word.

One day God led me on a mission trip to a remote village in the mountain jungles of Honduras. Inspired by the moment, I wrote an article for a general education magazine about Honduran teens who gave up two weeks to translate our message of God’s love to their countrymen. Because of the unique slant, the article was chosen for publication and sent to thousands of American public schools.

While on a different mission trip to the Crow tribe in Hardin, Montana, God opened my eyes to the struggles of the remote missionary. Who did they have to talk to? Who could they share their concerns, trials, successes, and tears with? The same day I returned to my home, I wrote an article about the missionary. Again, the unique slant sold the article and sent the message to thousands of Adult Sunday School classes raising awareness, prayers, and support.

Each small step through the writing woods enhances my observations. I love the crackle of leaves and twigs and hearing my writing has conveyed a message to someone. I have learned to love the rain soaking my clothes, giving me a cold and reminding me of the rejections, and needed time to stop, rest, and pray. I enjoy questions from readers interacting with their experience.

I attended the ACFW conference twice. There, God helped me present manuscripts to editors and agents who then requested my work. This doesn’t mean publication, although it might, but it does mean another step forward.

I feel refreshed, blessed, spirited, strengthened, and honored to have walked the steps behind me and excited but nervous to press forward to the path ahead.

May God richly bless you on your journey.


Welcome. I am a writer and speaker. My works include articles published in Children's periodicals, book reviews in Christian Library Journal, and Church Libraries; two completed YA manuscripts and a contemporary fiction book about a homeless woman living in a train station. I have a MA in Guidance and Counseling, a BRE from a Bible College, have been a case worker and camp counselor for the homeless, neglected, and abused.

I am an active member in the American Christian Fiction Writer's Association, My Book Therapy, the Montana Chapter of ACFW, and the Michigan Chapter of ACFW.

I am married to my biggest supporter, and husband, Hank. We have three children, all in college, who could call more often and ask for less money.

My website: Never Give Up Stories  is my landing pad.

My blog: Let's Talk takes readers to a deeper awareness of people and things around us.

My ministry for families: God Loves Kids tells Bible stories in family friendly language.

My group writing blog: The Writers Alley ten writers take turns posting about writing issues.

Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/MaryVeeWriter
or facebook: www.facebook.com.mimaryvee

Email: maryveewriter@gmail.com


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