Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Take a Virtual Trip With Me to the Beach

Would you like to take a virtual trip outside your home?

Let's go to the beach. The sandy shores along Lake Michigan are like ghost towns. The beaches are open, as long as people practice social distancing. Even still you and I are the only one's there.

We arrived at the Manistee State park. There are trails leading into the woods, and trails along the beach.

Notice the color of the water. The deep waters naturally are deep blue, closer water is more of a teal.

But the water by the shore is an unusual color.

The light brown color is sand.

MIchigan had an unusually high amount of precipitation last year, filling the Great Lakes. 

The higher levels are washing the sandy beaches and dunes close to the water out into the lake.

A few homes have had the ground underneath chiseled out by the lake. Here it looks like the cost of Ireland. Beautiful green atop a sandy cliff leading down to the water's edge.

Lake Michigan was especially wild on this day, smashing waves against the breaker.
Farther south is Ludington. I have walked out to this Lighthouse many, many times. This time, we couldn't. The walkway is under water beyond the stone breaker.

While this post seemed to walk down the road of high waters and erosion, what I really wanted was to let you go to the beach. Smell the delicious fresh air. Feel the wind blow so hard you could barely hold onto your camera like I did. 

It will be so nice to go places together again. Until then, I will take you on virtual trips. It won't cost any gas. I'll wear the jacket and give you the moment by moment report as I take all the photos I post.

Stop by again next week.

I have some exciting news!

This is my new release. Today! It's a great mystery story. 

Here is the description:

High society woman, Elizabeth Alexander, can't possibly fulfill her societal obligations with her husband locked away in prison. The gossipers won't believe he is innocent. Her family's name is at stake unless she finds the person who set up her husband.

Enjoy a good book today. 

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