Thursday, March 19, 2020

How Our Lives Haven't Changed

I have and probably will always be the first person to wake in my house or whatever dwelling I happen to be in. 

Like previous mornings, I am rewarded with the first colors splashing across the sky. First reds, oranges, and yellows. I snap the photo and show my family as they wake.

Like every other morning, my sleepy family is content to see my digital recording or early morning explorations.

They drink the second cup of coffee.

Shower after the water heater reheats.

Snore while I write.

Yawn while I walk out to the frosted tipped grass and breathe the crisp air.

Even with the social distancing there are other ways to see how our lives haven't changed.

Yeah, I’m okay with being first awake in the morning.

Its a 20-20 year!
It may be a roller coaster or smooth sailing. 
Hold on! 
There's no looking back. No hindsight.

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