Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Right and Wrong At the Same Time

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I opened the pages of a new book and began to read.

Snuggled under a soft, warm comforter with my pillow cushioning my back, I read by the single lightbulb on my nightstand.

The story captivated me by the first line. I read on, turning pages filled with picturesque scenes... 

Enraptured with the mystery unfolding...

The characters springing to life...

Twists and turns. Ups and downs. 

And the killing of my favorite character!

The hours swept by as I, the reader, so engrossed with each new word--

Accumulated all the necessary evidence provided by ink on the page...

So convinced, thanks to the seed planted by the opening line--

The whodunit.

The whys and wherefores.

Ready to read the last chapter with the answer. Hah. I figured it out before the detective!

I turned the pages, delve into the pages for my victory lap...

When, once again, as in all well-written mystery books, the detective dressed in black ink on a page, revealed all the reasons why I was wrong. All the clues I'd gathered were nothing but red herrings.

I was wrong.

...And I love the author for it.

It's a 20 - 20 year 
It may be a roller coaster or smooth sailing. 
Hold on! 
There's no looking back. No hindsight.

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