Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Cabin On Lake Superior

Photo by Mary Vee, Lake Superior

On the shores of Lake Superior, tucked in a harbor, lies a cabin. It's an A-frame with a tiny bedroom facing the lake on the upper floor. Uncles, aunts, and cousins vacation there throughout the summer, each bounding through the back door after a long drive, calling dibs to sleep in the tiny bedroom. 

The winner tosses their suitcase on the bed then opens the window before they eat, drink, or even use the bathroom.

Photo by Mary Vee

Few sunlit hours are spent inside the cabin when the kids arrive. They slip into their bathing suits and bound to the water's edge, slipping on the rocks and tumbling under the surface. Their skin seems to have polar temperature protection. It's the only explanation why they can stand the freezing temperatures even in August.

Photo by Mary Vee, Lake Superior

The best sound is the waves pitter against the shore...unless huge stormwinds rial up the water crashing, billowing waves against the rocky beach. But that can be heard with the window closed. Grandma said so.

Across the harbor is the lighthouse, lighting the way for ships to tuck in the harbor when storms threaten to smash their freighter in two. Some, like the Edmund Fitzgerald, did not make it. 

From the cabin's shores, one can see the Queen. She is a ferry that crosses the harbor like clockwork, twice a day taking passengers from the town around the harbor to the left to the lighthouse point to the right. 

The uncles, aunts, and cousins at the cabin, though, walk the path from the cottage through the woods, past the hidden lake that has the best swamp fishing around, and on to the lighthouse where open Lake Superior waves roar and show their power.

Like the slow pitter, plunk, blub of Lake Superior's mighty waters against the safe harbor shore on a warm peaceful day, so is the restful time spent at the cabin on Lake Superior where the internet doesn't work, there is one push buttoned landline, plenty of wood for cooking over a campfire, land for romping through the woods, and porches for staying up late to occasionally see the aurora borealis lights in the sky.

So...Why did I pick the cabin today? 

Because this is the view from my window. LOL!

It's a 20 - 20 year 
It may be a roller coaster or smooth sailing. 
Hold on! 
There's no looking back. No hindsight.

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