Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Chapter 2. Hooliganism In The Airport

What happens when twelve family members, most between the ages of 16 and 24 are accused of being hooligans in an airport? It started...many years ago...

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The following moments in the airport must have been the inspiration for the opening of Home Alone. The family collage contained a myriad of ages from five months to twenty-four years plus an overwhelmed patriarch and a matriarch who knew to stay out of his way at this moment. 

Although the packing limit allowed each person to take one suitcase, the chaotic moment resembled a failed football scrimmage after the whistle blew. The whys and wheres had not been explained, or maybe they had been, but the thrill blocked the tribe’s ears, especially since all, except two, had never flown on a plane, much less visited a foreign country.

The patriarch was affectionately called Dud, even when he was in a frantic, sour mood.  His suit coat pockets bulged with government documents, itineraries, boarding passes, and possibly other documents. He held onto the details like a treasure map about to be stolen. 

The poor man dealt with such a range of emotions. Airport security. Questions repeated for the thirtieth time. His own excitement to see his childhood home. He was about to take this brood of hooligans to a communist country to visit his family whom he hadn’t seen in forty years. “There will be no hooliganism,” he shouted. His reddened face served as a gong, stilling the chaos…for a moment.

He’d heard his mother and two brothers had survived Siberia, learning only remnants of their story. The news both broke his heart and warmed his spirit. Hardships that would later be shared with his family at the dining room table in the quasi quiet of his own American home. 

He led the family through the airport terminals in a day before TSA herded people into cattle lines, squeezing through invasive security scans before releasing them into the terminal. En masse they walked to the gate for those flying to Laguardia. He spoke the first of many last minute reminders. “Stay together. No hooliganism.” Any other words were promptly disregarded. From the stack of boarding passes he distributed the first set and sat in one of the seats, and closed his eyes to the embarrassing behavior of his teens until the time came for boarding.

At the call of the attendant, the twelve stood in line. Softly, near the back of the family group, one of the teens whispered his panic, “I don’t know where my boarding pass is. I can’t find it.”

Word passed up the line until reaching Dud. He scrambled with the eleven out of line, searching like hens pecking the ground for food. It wasn’t in the boy’s pocket. It wasn’t on the floor near where he sat. Where had he walked in such a short time? The search bled beyond the gate.

A woman’s voice blared over the loudspeaker cutting through the din. “Passengers with boarding passes for Laguardia should board immediately. There was no time for beads of sweat, wide eyes or gasps. Dud shifted into solution mode. The same one as when death knocked on his patient’s door and the crash cart rolled in. In the main walkway, a boarding pass released from a man’s shoe. He walked on, leaving the soiled paper behind.

Dud barged through the jungle and scooped up the paper disregarding the dirt soiling his new suit. The pass allowed one passenger on his flight, but it wasn’t his son’s. He pressed it into his son’s hand and ordered the group to get back in line.

The scanner dinged twelve times.

Twelve seatbelts clicked.

Unlike the home alone scene, there was no first class or champaign reward for a patriarch who successfully herded his family onto a Christmas vacation flight, leaving no one at home.

The story continues...

It's a 20 - 20 year 
It may be a roller coaster or smooth sailing. 
Hold on! 
There's no looking back. No hindsight.

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Angie Quantrell said...

An adventure! Looking forward to more installments. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks. There will be more. It was quite the adventure....and if you can imagine it...true. They say truth makes great fiction because sometimes it just seems so unbelievable. :)