Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A Gift of Worth

Little Sable Lighthouse, Photo by Mary Vee

We have a gift of worth. 
What we do when someone tries to take it away from us is up to us.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Photo by Mary Vee

My characters are thrown into difficult situations, often ones they cannot solve immediately or alone. While dealing with the crisis, their self worth comes into question. Doubts form. The characters dwell on the doubts and allow their strong wall of worth to gradually crumble. The story then takes them through this time.

Israel, near Jordan, Photo by Mary Vee

What draws us to stories is connecting with the character in some way. We are searching for hope.

This story came to my mind:
Israel, near Jerusalem, Photo by Mary Vee

There once was a servant standing on a hill.

Beyond the valleys surrounding him was a ring of tall hills. 

In the valley below, soldiers threatened his life and the life of his master. He became frightened and saw no way for them to survive. 

From the top of Masada, Photo by Mary Vee

The master, though, stood calm. He placed his hand on the servant's shoulder and told him not to worry. But the servant saw no escape. No defense. The soldiers would come and kill them.

The master closed his eyes and whispered a prayer then said to his servant, "Look at the hills around us. What do you see?"

Cloud photo by Mary Vee

The servant forced himself to look away from the threatening soldiers up to the hills. There, on every hilltop, stood an army of angels. Bright. And with swords. Ready to protect him and his master.

Stand strong in your trials.
 You have a great worth.

Merry Christmas!

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