Thursday, November 14, 2019

Wally's Homemade Food At Exit 10

The advantage of traveling is stumbling upon fantastic places to eat. Sometimes a restaurant is hidden in unexpected places.

During this week's snow/ice/sleet storm that bulldozed across the United States this week, hubby and I were forced to stop at exit 10 in Chesterton, Missouri. I must admit, I didn't expect this weather in the southern portion of Missouri.

We filled our gas tank, booked a room at the hotel across the expressway, then, after searching, ended up back at the gas station complex. Inside motorists can buy de-icer, scrapers for the windshield, a warm jacket, hats, mittens, and so much more! 

To the far left was Wally's Home Style Cook'n.

I'll admit I was suspicious. What kind of food would I find at a restaurant tucked in a truck stop?

Until I saw these tables.

Wally's is smart. First up are the dessert choices. Delicious slices of pies, cakes, and puddings.

Farther down, the server will give you a big bowl of homemade chili, stew, mac and cheese, and or vegetables. Seasoned to perfection and plenty to quell your hunger.

Walk farther to the grill station. This is where I ordered a hamburger and fries. The burger and fries had a perfect char on the outside while juicy on the inside. Mmmmm.

Walk farther to the pizza station. This place has enough food to feed an army and more.

The portions were large. The flavors are like mom makes (if she is a cook). The prices are unbelievably low.

The atmosphere is like the inside of a big hunting lodge.

So, if the weather is bad on highway 57 at exit 10 in Chesterton, Missouri, stop in and give Wally's a chance to show off their home cook'n. You'll be mighty happy you did!

My new Christmas story is finding new readers. A reader sent me this photo and message only yesterday:

I sat by the fireplace up north reading a wonderful, exciting beautifully written....When we get home I'll put up a review for it 🙂 Keep writing. This story makes me want to go have a cup of coffee and chocolate at a little bistro where red flowers are hanging out of the baskets gently blowing in the wind as the days fly by filled with smiles and laughter. ♥️🤭🙂
Truly was a delight to read. Can't wait to read the next one.

Sylvia's Secret is on sale! 
Here is the book link:

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