Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Matterhorn- A Chilling Adventure

Did you know I went to the Alps this month? Seriously! The picturesque mountains of Europe. The snowcapped most of the year string of mountains. The place of history, culture, a-mazing food, and much more.

Oh to pick from the many amazing opportunities, sites and sounds, smells and tastes to talk about today. I am beyond jazzed. Can you tell????

All pics were taken by me. If you use any please give my name credit

Let's see. Today I will choose: The Matterhorn. 

Pools of blue/green water have their color from mineral deposits left from the glacier that was once on this section of the mountain. If you look closely at how tiny the people are down there, thi is a tad bigger than a pool.

Because of the Matterhorn's pointy shape, the winds, and the treacherous terrain, only professional climbers attempt the climb. 500 people have died in the attempt. There is, however, a cog rail that takes viewers on a steep climb to the top of a mountain across from it.

Look to the lower left. See the parasailor? He had set sail seconds before I snapped this photo.  

The cog rail runs on a tight schedule. The ride to the top is 35 minutes long with stops at four remote stations along the way.

This is one stop we spent time at.

The cog is different from a train. It was developed by the Swiss to transport people, equipment, and stores up inclines far too steep for trains. It works on the same principle as a zipper. It jerks at times and struggles on steeper inclines.

The car that we sat in is designed like a train car. The car is "tipped" in a way leaving passengers feeling as though they are always on a flat surface.

The station guy was not happy I had stepped onto the tracks to take this photo for you. I thought it was fun.

We are standing at the top. To our right, out of this photo, is the Matterhorn.

Rivers of glacial ice flow down the mountains.

It is chilly up here.

In other places, tsunami waves of glacial ice pour over the peaks.

If while hiking you become trapped, injured, stuck, there is a rescue sled at the ready at each cog station. All the stations are manned.

We set down our packs and ordered cultural food. Yummy sausage and fries. Gravy poured over the fries.

I had steamy, hot chocolate. It was the best ever.

This is the view from the highest climbing place where rivers of glaciers and mountain peaks can be seen. Slightly to the right is the Matterhorn. 

At one of the stations, a friend and I climbed to another high place and captured our farewell to the Matterhorn.

What an adventure!

I hope you enjoyed this trip to the Matterhorn.

While in the Alps, I took along the author's proof version of my newest release, Sylvia's Secret for a photoshoot. 

This one is in a Viennese restaurant.

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