Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Don't Let the Heat Keep You Inside When Visiting San Antonio

My excuse for traveling to San Antonio was an important writing conference. Fortunately, several writing friends and I had an opportunity to walk to nearby attractions. All photos are by Mary Vee. Please credit my name if you use them.

Visitors may enter the grounds and the fort free of charge. There is a donation box if you choose to contribute.

I first stopped by early in the morning on my walk and was surprised to see a gate open and a guard standing in front of it. 

I commented on the lovely trees to the guard. This live oak was one of my favorites. He pointed to his favorite trees inside the gardens. 

I thought the tree to the left might have been a Banyon. They are similar in that both are huge trees with massive curvy branches that are as thick as trunks. 

Later in the day I returned to the grounds where I photographed this door and arch. Notice the intricate scroll work etched into the stone.

Very impressive. Am I right?



Fifteen days before Christmas, the staff at Sylvia's Duvet's mansion discover she is missing. Her daughter arrives at Dr. Carhill's office in a panic, concerned the gossipers and media will createtheir own story, embarrassing the family name. After all, a wealthy widow only disappears if ...she simply can't bear to think of the possibilities.


...Back to San Antonio

The temperatures remained in the sizzling hot with a boatload of humidity. This did not keep us inside, though. Twining through the city is this riverwalk. Visitors can ride a boat. A tour guide explains the history of the area.

During the conference we visited more than one restaurant, ice cream shop, and store.

I loved this unusual palm tree. I looks like it has legs, a brown body, and green hair. It stood taller than the Alamo.

During the life of this building it was used as a church. This is one of the erntrances to the beautiful gardens

This wall protects what is now beautiful gardens.

Somehow I don't believe the cannon was blue way back in the day. :)

This entrance resembles doors seen in Europe. It is heavy, and takes a bit of oomph to pull it open.

Photos may not be taken inside.

So, I will describe it to you. There is little lighting. We step into a large rectangular open room, most likely used for the main room of the church. There was an upper level in days of the fort.

There are three side rooms. The windows help us see just how very thick the walls are. I'd say at least three feet.

These two amazing sites made the trip completely worth the trip.

I highly recommend visiting San Antonio, the Alamo, and the River Walk.

I also want to highly recommend the Hyatt RiverWalk. I've stayed in many hotels. None scored a perfect ten in every category from me before.

My plan is to hop on the blog next week. I will be in the Alps and am not sure what Internet service I will have.

Have a great week. 

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