Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Before the Chilly Temps Hit...Head For the Beach!

The snow pictures are appearing on the internet. Already! I've seen some from Colorado, Iowa, and Montana. I hear the snow is heading east. 

Before the chilly temps take us to the end of the year, let's head to the beach one more time, eh?

I especially enjoy the duck families who visit every year. Once their babies are old enough they leave. But until then, they hang around on our little beach.

Lake Superior, in Michigan just has this chilly look to it most of the time. Yes, there is some snow in this picture.  Even without it, the shade of blue typically seen here is chilly.

These tenacious weeds grow with a fervor. The only way to keep the sand available for fun is to pull them.

Lake Michigan has a bit more green to the water. The shore has a powdery soft sand.

West of Traverse City, Michigan is this scenic area. The drop off is 450 ft. A blast to run down...a dredge to climb back up.

The Oregon shore of the Pacific had gray grainy sand, but the waves had a beautiful roar.

Pacific Ocean beach friends.

This Mediterranean beach is on the west side of Israel. The aqueduct you see was built by Herod.

Perhaps we'll visit beaches again when we are feeling especially cold this winter. For now, I'm going to put on sunglasses and pretend it is a sunny, warm day.

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