Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Let's Go To A Tiny Italian Farm Where Mozzarella Is Made

The roads in remote areas of Italy are very narrow. Our travel bus barely fit on a few. The driver didn't even attempt to drive the bus on others. To visit this farm, he dropped us off at the top of the hill. We walked down a small road to the driveway then farther down to this farm. Now I see why they have such tiny cars.

Along the driveway is this huge garden. Roma tomatoes!

I wish my garden looked this lovely. The animals roam free. Such a fun place to be!

Every inch of this property is used to raise income.

Our hosts live here. In a corner of the lower level they crush grapes for wine. It is very dark down there.

Through a vineyard a distance away, we walk to this family's restaurant. It is a cozy room with round tables for diners and an open kitchen.

Next to the restaurant, is an outdoor classroom. We sat on benches and watched the grandmother make mozzerella using waterbuffalo milk.

She did not speak English. She didn't speak to us at all, but her daughter explained the steps.

How her mother began with milk

And ended up with fresh mozzerella in about thirty minutes

She set the cheese on the table along with fresh pizza dough

 She invited us to make our own Marguerite pizzas using the freshly made ingredients, We have Marguerite pizzas here in America, but not ones that taste THIS good!

Last, the pizzas are removed from the oven, cooked to perfection. This truly is the best pizza e-ver.

Last week I showed a cover reveal for my new Christmas Mystery Book: Sylvia's Secret. I ran into a few difficulties and so redesigned the full cover. What do you think?

This mystery is due to release in October! Go ahead a read the back cover copy. :)

Tell your friends about our travels. Everyone is invited to go along with us. Today was Italy, next time....

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