Thursday, August 8, 2019

Scavenger Hunt-Hidden Treasures-Summer Idea

Here is a fun summer idea for any number of persons. 

Go on a city scanvenger hunt. Choose one or more unusual items, google all the venders that typically have that item and hop in your car or on your bicycle.

The day was Monday, hubby's and my anniversary.

We had an unusual cake for our wedding. One that had to be specially ordered. It was banana nut.

We've asked bakeries if they made the cake for years. The answer is no.

So, we set out with a list of twenty bakeries that took us to parts of our city we hadn't visited.

Many were the old parts of town with brick roads. 

The interior walls separating stores are still the exposed brick.

Workers at the bakeries recommended other bakeries not on our list, so we added them.

We walked tree lined streets. Met people sitting outside shops reading newspapers. The original kind. Ink on paper. And found many shops that we will visit next time.

Look at the cool antique cookie jars on the upper shelf.

Of course we stopped in a used bookseller. Isn't it wonderful Can you smell the dust on the books and hear the clock ticking? I love this store.

Two days later, my daughter had some free time. We drove into the city, parked the car, and had a wonderful time in this store alone. It has a few less books, and our wallet is a little lighter, but it sure was worth the trip.

What city is near you? Perhaps there are interesting sections you haven't visited yet. 

This post has been brought to you by the one word: HiddenTreasures

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