Friday, August 30, 2019

Reboot and Refresh

Mary Vee's blog has a new name and a new look.

I thought about what I write, what I post on social media and even what articles I prefer to write here on this blog. 

The bottom line is, I like to see our world. Big. Small. Rural. Woods. City. You name it. My extended family has a cabin where family members like to vacation every year. One said, isn't it nice to sit back and listen to the water? Sure. But not in one place. I haven't seen the Indian Ocean, but I've seen the Pacific, Atlantic, the Mediterranean Sea, and others. The Creator has made a world filled with variety. This is what I want to share with you.

As a writer, I use pieces of these amazing places in my stories. I also post here, on social media, and in my newsletter opening readers eyes to amazing places.

I'm so excited to invite you for a walk in the woods, a ride up the Eiffel Tower, climb the Alps, sail on a pirate ship and so much more. 

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To start, let's go to: New York City

New York City us a thrilling vibrant city. My family and I packed so much into a few days. Today I am sharing one aspect. I'll take you back again sometime in the future. 

I never had a problem with theft, but we were cautious. 

We did get lost :) A wonderful Chinese woman detected we had a problem and, with her very broken English, offered to show us how to use the subway. Five levels down! This rural gal (me) was amazed at the underground transportation. I was so thankful for her kindness.

Would I go again? In a heartbeat!

Central Park, NYC
Photo by Mary Vee

A great place to escape the noise, cars, and epic rush of the city is Central Park. I understand many find the park unsafe at night, but during the day, a few moments here with a picnic lunch sure refreshed the spirit.

Photo by Mary Vee

Tall buildings are in every view. When you live in an area that boasts ten-story buildings, a visit to NYC will leave you gobsmacked.

A view from Central Park. 

NYC boasts all the latest fasions.
Photo by Mary Vee

I became an expert window shopper in NYC. Bloomingdales, Prada, so many notable fashion stores. Just walking inside can be a treat.

Streets of NYC
Photo by Mary Vee

Where there is time, a carriage ride through a jungle of skyscrapers can be quite nice. Don't forget your umbrella or coat. Maybe some bread for the birds. 

NYC specialty shops
Photo by Mary Vee

NYC offers a great variety of whatever you want to purchase. Just as I expected, the trip to the stores proved much nicer than shopping on line.

This is only a taste of shopping. There is so much more to the city. We'll visit other notable places in the city sometime in the future.

NYC is the setting for two of my books.


Daring to Live takes place in a train station similar to Grand Central Station. This military/suspense story focuses on survival and finding the will to live. The story is on sale this Labor Day weekend.


Sylvia's Secret is a Christmas story. Sylvia is missing. Her daughter calls Detective Carhill, a man who promises to solve crimes fast and keep the story out of the papers. Everything an elite family needs when a crisis hits.


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