Wednesday, July 3, 2019

SummerTime Beach Book Ideas

Pacific Ocean
Photo by Mary Vee

One of the favorite summer pass times for readers is finding and reading the perfect book on a beach. 

Sitting under a sun umbrella with a coating of sun tan lotion, readers turn pages to the beat of waves rippling on the shore. What could be more peaceful?

There are so many stories available, how can we choose?

Here is a fantastic resource:

The Grace Awards website features noteable books throughout the year. 

This week, board members for the site are hosting a Fiction Spotlight called Summer Book Bash 2019. They selected twelve books designed specifically for readers such as you. Any of these stories are perfect for taking to your favorite relaxation place. 

Photos of the books, links, and blurbs tell why these books are the perfect choice for a beach towel on the sand read. Best news of all: the featured books are on sale, most at only $0.99! 

I saw most genres represented in the list. 

I'm leaning toward the mystery ones: A Dangerous Deception, Roadkill, or Courting Danger to start. Let's see. If I read one book a week and there are twelve books. I think I could read them all before Autumn.

Please note, some of the books are on sale this week only while the others remain on sale for the summer. So you might want to go ahead and get your copy, make a TBR (to be read) pile, then choose a book to read first.

This link will open in a separate window. SO after you look at the list write in the comment section below which book captured your interest. 

And...if you have read any of these books, let us know!!

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