Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Coffee Shop Lure

Lindt Coffee Shop
Paris, Photo by Mary Vee

Writers learn early on the importance of writing about what you know.

This doesn't necessarily mean we are experts in the topic we include. But we have dabbled in or research a plethora of resources which enable us to seamlessly take a reader to the location, or communicate the experience.

Today, my main character sits in a coffee shop located on a narrow, windy Paris street a few days before Christmas. 

During the late spring, summer, and fall seasons, tables and chairs clutter the sidewalk outside this shop. It's considered prime seating. Ambiance worth every penny because in the distance, the tip of the Eiffel reaches above the buildings.

Not on this day, though. 

Inside the coffee shop, locals take chairs from other tables and huddle together. They reach past their knees for their cup of latte, take a slug, and put the cup back. The topic of conversation is undefined, much like oil and water, swirling from one issue to another.

At other tables, couples sip their beverage and look at the newspaper oblivious to the boisterous conversation only a few feet away.   

But, my main character sits alone at a table near the shop's glass window front. He drinks his coffee and watches for her. 

The missing woman he'd been hired to find. 

He has no proof she is even here other than a few interviews that gave him pause to think it.

He drinks his coffee and watches. And waits.

The patience of a hired detective.

My character is not sipping the delicious coffee I experienced in the Lindt coffee shop. I was given a chocolate spoon to stir my coffee. And it was DELICIOUS!

What is your favorite coffee concoction? 

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: CoffeeShopInParis