Thursday, June 6, 2019

Green Heroes Envious of Newest Superhero Spotted by the National Weather Service

A 1930's radio program started the Green Super Hero craze in 1930. 

The Green Hornet matched wits with the underworld, ridding the world of criminals and racketeers. A 2011 movie made by Universal Studios updated the story with ridding the world of meth labs.

In 1940 DC Comics created the Green Lantern. He wears a ring that gives him the power to create anything. His power is limited by the ring which must be charged by a green lantern. The power originates from another world where fellow superheroes meet up to fight the ultimate villains. A remake was made in 2011.

In 1941 Marvel Comics created the Green Arrow. The answer to Batman. The Green Arrow's power is martial arts and archery. Netflix has made a TV series called The Green Arrow that is currently running.

Photo credit: AP as shown on the NPR website
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But none of these superheroes can hold a candle to the Green Blob, sighted by the National Weather Service this week on June 4, 2019. CLICK HERE for Article and Videos

This IS NOT, I repeat, not an area 51 sighting.

The Green Blob was measured at 80 miles by 80 miles and flying over the San Bernando Valley in Southern California according to Newsweek. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE . The National Weather Service states this is not the first time the Green Blob has been sighted. 

The blob masked its appearance to a mass likened to a light rainstorm and flew ten miles above the earth's surface.

A meteorologist contacted a local weather watcher and asked him what he saw.

"Ladybugs," the local reported. A massive swarm of ladybugs that is called a "bloom".

Now that is amazing. An All Natural Green Superhero.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: AllNaturalGreenSuperhero 

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