Saturday, June 1, 2019

Facebook Thread About Crazy Diets

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This week a thread on Facebook received a lot of attention. The comment section basically drove it viral. The issue was eating disorders of a strange kind.

Some parents have taken the goals for good eating and exercise for children as outlined by Michelle Obama a few years ago to the extreme by placing children on adult level diets. Restricting the daily caloric intake for a child to 600 in one case. 

Another individual's comment stated a focus on their weight led to missing indicators for a terminal disease.

When convincing information is presented, it is natural to swing the pendulum. Being overweight is not healthy. We want our family and ourselves to be healthy.

However, not all diets are for all people.

A child grows in spurts. At times the child may appear overweight. One month later, a growth spurt will show the child's body prepared for the event. Growth does not happen on a schedule. It sure would be nice if it did, though, right?

As for adults, before engaging in a drastic diet, check with your doctor first. Perhaps the added weight is a physical problem that needs to be addressed. The thyroid can throw us off and that isn't the only culprit.

Be careful. 

Your health helps produce quality of life.

And you are important.

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Robin E. Mason said...

Mary! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I can't tell you how many times well-meaning friends suggest some change to my diet. Most frequent is carbs / gluten. But I have low blood sugar and I CAN'T not have sugar! I have to monitor what / how much I eat, of course, and also have to have protein.
You are so right that not all diets work for all people!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Stand strong, Robin. Sounds like you and your doctor have a plan that works for you. :)