Saturday, May 25, 2019

You Can Put the Pizzazz Back In Your Day!

So, I am at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference east of Asheville, North Carolina. Like the previous years when I attended this conference, the instructors provided all and more than I needed. I have learned so much. 

But the week hasn't been easy. I struggled while dragging my suitcase up the hill from my car and into my assigned room because my arm was not fully healed from the break in February. Lifting my laptop out of my bag hurt. Typing took a lot of effort. Holding the tray in the food line became a crazy balancing act.

Every topic we discuss here on Let's Talk revolves around the idea: Never Give Up Stories. We all have issues that pop into our life and drag our spirit down for a time. The length of that time is always a variable.

Perhaps you have an issue at this moment. Something that has taken the pizzazz out of your day. I went to an occupational therapist yesterday. Apparently, the tendons near the bone I broke aren't healing at the speed he wanted. I don't have the range of motion or strength typical by this point. He pressed and pushed, forcing the encased tendons to move and stretch. I left the session in so much pain, BUT, today, I woke and was so surprised to find I could move my wrist just a little bit farther than yesterday.

Life is like that. Bad habits, unexpected trials, inconveniences can leave us unable to move in the way we usually do. Our smile isn't bright. Our energy is dampened. Our spirit is squelched. We don't feel like doing jobs we didn't mind doing before. Our spirit is encased in this negativity and keeping us from living life.

Like the occupational therapist, we have to force ourselves to break free. We can:

1. Talk with real people each day - not just social media - not just listen to TV.
2. We can walk a few more steps. Physical activity of any sort oxygenates our bodies and revives us.
3. We can cut back on foods we shouldn't eat. Too much sugar really does harm us. Those vegetables (and I so agree with the vegetable haters) are God's gift of health to us. Close your eyes and swallow. :)
4. Spend time with God. He really does love you and wants a close relationship. He listens. He consoles. He gives answers and suggestions. He protects and provides. And so much more.
5. Complete a task. Any task you want. Make a plan. Start it. Complete it. 

Sometimes the task is rest. I am one who doesn't like to rest during the day, but I desperately needed it yesterday after driving 16 hours home from a very busy writing conference.

Guess what? I feel so much better today.

You only have one life. This is the time to do something that will break whatever is stealing your day.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: BreakFree!

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