Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Totally New Way To Help Kids in Hospitals

So many children end up spending a long time in hospitals. I was one. I spent my entire Kindergarten year in a hospital. Some of these little darlings pop in and out of hospitals over a long time. Nursing staff know them on a first name basis as they walk in the door.


I saw this wonderful new idea to help these little ones. I took a little screen shot of one photo to give you an idea.

This link has the full art to help explain the idea:


The product is called Playtime Edventures and it was designed and created by a dad. Kevin Gatlin came up with the idea after visiting a friend's child in the hospital. The kid was bored beyond belief. Kevin's heart and mind was stirred.

Apparently the idea sparked from watching his wife play games with their children while in bed. 

It took him two years to perfect the idea into the product today. His goal was to not only edtertain, but make the games educational. He designed severeral to meet different age groups with activities including sign language, trivia, and etc. 

Kevin has a heart of gold, wanting to help sick kids smile. The idea is still new. Ten hospitals have purchased these sheets. The idea is spreading, and I wanted to help. Parents can buy the sheets for use at home or to donate to their hospital/charity.

There is a wonderful video on the link I provided above. Take a look.

This post has been brought to you by the one work: HelpAKidSmile

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