Wednesday, April 10, 2019

We Stumbled Upon This In An Old Section Of Town

Photo by Mary Vee

Look what my family discovered!
A bookstore for rare books across the alley from...
Photo by Mary Vee

A bookstore for used books.

Field Trip!!

No need to ask if we bought books. The paper bag ripped from the page turning contents only moments after we stepped outside the bookstore for used books!

Creaky floors. 
Comfy, worn chairs.
Lower level loaded with shelves and more books. (Be sure to duck, low clearance.)

We barely scratched the surface during this visit. This is a definite repeat.

So when did you last visit a bookstore of any kind?

Would you like to hear the sounds? Here is a very short video. CLICK TO WATCH

Speaking of books, I have news.

My latest book is now available!!

The day the king of Aerlis heroically dies and his lovely queen is viciously carried off to the dark north, dragons invade the land. Crops and homes near the border burn to the ground. Prince Gilbert must give up what he wants most to save his father’s kingdom and himself. Far away lies the answer. Something unseen. To save the kingdom he must go on a quest to bring the unseen back. A quest filled with danger. There seems an easier solution in the vast north. One that offers great wealth and power. Time is short. One choice will save his kingdom. The other will silence him and his people—forever.

This story would make a great Easter gift for the fantasy reader you know. Written with the young adult in spirit reader age, 8-99, in mind. 

If you buy a copy, snap a photo of you and the book or ebook and send it to my email. I will post it here in appreciation.


The best way to show an author you like the book is to write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. The more reviews, the more these companies help tell others about the book.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: LoveToReadInABookstore

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