Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Time For a Road Trip - Cross Country. You Are Invited!!

Road Trip!

I'm excited to take you with me. This destination is 18+ hours. We'll cross most of the United States.

Although, today being only two days after the Shri Lanka church bombings, I wish I could go and help.

For this cross country drive, the bags are packed. My sister, who is going with me. will arrive soon. I am so thankful for her company and help. My broken arm is still mending, (I am on a no weight restriction)...BUT  the arm is slowly getting better.

The purpose of this trip is a book tour. At the destination, I will teach classes on how to write a story about a quest and sign books already purchased by students. This is going to be so much fun.

THEN, after the work, my three sisters and I will drive down to Waco and have a fun sister day. I hear there is much to see in Waco.

Have you been to Texas? What should we see there?

The book I am taking is my new release. A fantasy. If you are looking for a story like Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, or stories by Wayne Batson, this is the book for you.

Link to Mary's books: https://amzn.to/2Fq4Jbm

Mary Vee -Rock climbing, white-water rafting, and hiking top Mary’s list of ways to enjoy a day. She was homeless for a time, was a teacher, a missionary, and married an Air Force vet. Mary has been a finalist in several writing contests and writes for her King.
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 Meet my new fantasy story, Fire and Thorn. 
A Story for Teens

The day the king of Aerlis heroically dies and his lovely queen is viciously carried off to the dark north, dragons invade the land. Crops and homes near the border burn to the ground. Prince Gilbert must give up what he wants most to save his father’s kingdom and himself. Far away lies the answer. Something unseen. To save the kingdom he must go on a quest to bring the unseen back. A quest filled with danger. There seems an easier solution in the vast north. One that offers great wealth and power. Time is short. One choice will save his kingdom. The other will silence him and his people—forever.

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