Saturday, March 30, 2019

The New Once Upon A Time Story

Once upon a time....

Most stories with this beginning take place in a setting from long, long ago. 




Secret passages.


Today's rules of writing prevents authors from using this fabulous opener. This doesn't mean these stories can't be written, they just can't start with those words.

And so I would like you to meet my new fantasy novel very much about a once upon a time but without the opening words.

Fire and Thorn is scheduled to release sometime between April 4 and 10. Perfect for an Easter gift especially for young adult readers. Available in paperback and ebook.

Here is what the story is about:

The day the king of Aerlis heroically dies and his lovely queen is viciously carried off to the dark north, dragons invade the land. Crops and homes near the border burn to the ground. Prince, Gilbert must give up what he wants most to save his father’s kingdom and himself. 

The Keeper of the Kingdom advises Gilbert to go into the north country where he will find the answers he seeks, great wealth, and power. But the north is infested with dragons.

Gilbert’s wise uncle instructs him to go to the Valley of Sharon and bring back what can only be seen by the bright and morning star. This quest alone will save the kingdom. The journey requires sacrifice and is filled with great danger, the same perils that recently killed his father.

Time is short. One choice will save his kingdom. The other will silence him and his people—forever.

Watch for a special notice next week.

Would you be willing to help tell others about this book? Take a screenshot of this post or copy the link and send it to others. Endorsers have raved about this story.  I am looking for a team of people who will help share the news on social media and to local friends.  Please email me if you are willing:

This post has been brought to you by the one word: FireAndThorn

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