Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Two Sides Of Hurt...

Marksburg Castle, Rhine River
Photo by Mary Vee
Last week, a friend of mine mourned on the anniversary her brother took his life.

He was in pain. Physical pain. Emotional pain. And chose to solve the problem. 

He was young. A teen. So much yet for him to live. So much to look forward to.

But he didn't see it.
Or Feel It.
What he felt was pain.

If only he truly understood how much his family loved him. How much they would sacrifice to help him...if they had only known his thoughts, the moment before the decision.

A very different story happened this weekend, A weight lifter heard a crash outside his gym as.he turned off the lights for the night. He opened the door. Two cars had collided near his business. One man lay trapped against a signpost and under the weight of his car. Four people pushed, endeavoring to lift the vehicle and free the man, but the SUV weighed too much. 

The weight lifter rushed to the scene wanting to help. He reached through the broken back window and lifted the SUV. Maybe three feet, he didn't know. The others shouted, "You can stop. We can pull him out now." 

The vehicle weighed 4,000 lbs. 

Later the weight lifter went to the hospital to see how the man was doing. Nurses stopped him in the hall and said, the man would not have survived had he not lifted the vehicle. The injured man, currently in critical condition, wept and thanked the weight lifter. 

Two men wept.

A life saved.  (Link to weight lifter article: USA today-man-trapped-after-accident)

If you are hurting, please call out. Let someone help you. 

Dare to Live.

You are worthy and so very important.

More than you know.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: DareToLive

I invite you to click on the link below and read this story. 
And know...you have worth to more people than you may know.
Especially to the One who created you.


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quietspirit said...

Sometimes, a person does not believe he or she has any hope. The have lost all hope.

Mary Vee said...

I agree.
One cannot find hope unless they first know they have worth...to anyone, God included.

When we feel so torn, we also lose our sense of worth.

To all who struggle in this, know that the Almighty God who created you has given you great worth. His love for you caused Him to send His only son to save from the agony you face. There is an enemy who lies. He says this is not so. He lies. Your hope, begins with knowing you have great worth. And that worth has been given to you by the God who made you.