Thursday, January 17, 2019

International Community Help TSA

Photo by Mary Vee

Community on an international scale has proven it doesn't matter which side of politics one stands. When people need help, the community steps up.

TSA workers currently are in the forefront when it comes to those needing help during the government shutdown. Their salary is not very high, but the workers make a living doing their job. 

In one family, both parents are TSA employees. They work opposite shifts so one parent can be home with their young children throughout the day and night. The community in their city are helping by providing an important staple for them: diapers.

According to recent articles in USA and other wires, locals drive to the airport and drop off trunkloads of food for needy TSA workers. Vendors in the airport provide free lunches and transportation assistance to the airport. Canadian air traffic controllers buy pizzas for their American counterparts. Banks offer discounted or no interest loans to tide the workers over.

The TSA workers, unfortunately, are not allowed to accept gift cards from passengers. I wish those at the TSA top would relax that rule for this time. It would be an easy way to help them and allow the worker to get what they needed when they needed it.

There have always been someone or a group of people in need globally. The TSA is unique because I think we all have been bothered by the demands of these workers at one time or another. We know the intent is to provide our safety, but sometimes it seems they go overboard.

Passengers who have been "harassed" by the TSA walk the corridors grousing after finally passing through the inspection. Yet, here they are. Helping the TSA.

I think we are seeing the principles taught back in kindergarten in action. And this is good.

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