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Coming Soon - Space Ads - Obstacles to Stargazers?

Wouldn't you love to see a space ad blocking these stars?
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I visited Russia years ago. I came home with many observations. One of the biggest observation was the lack of billboards along the highways. To qualify, there were billboards encouraging the people to work, but I did not see ad billboards for products like we have in America.

Not that long ago in America, neon signs could not be placed near expressways and busy highways because they'd distract drivers. It was thought by those who had the policy that accidents would increase.

Today, I see neon signs, busy neon signs with flashing lights and colors near expressways and busy highways all designed to grab my attention. Against a black sky, they do more than get my attention, the stark light contrast hurts my eyes. I don't read those signs. I don't know who does. 

A simply lit roadside ad, especially one that calls my attention to a product I want, gets my attention much faster.

An article on in their MACH section, (space, science, technology, and environment news) announced Russia's plans to put ads in space. (Link to article below)

The company's name is StartRocket and the plan is to post the first space ad in 2021. The ads will appear to hang in the air. Think of the ads pulled by small planes over a stadium, except these signs will hang in a low-Earth orbit of 280 miles and can be seen all over the globe.

Like the neon signs we see along the highway, the space ads will only be seen at night. Yeah. What better way to make a stargazing night exciting. Okay, that was sarcasm. I couldn't help myself.

I was interested in how they plan to hang these signs. Aren't you?

Engineers will link tiny satellites equipped with reflective sails about 30 feet in diameter. The number will be based on the size of the ad. These sails reflect sunlight and form words that can be seen from the ground. The color will then be depended upon the reflected light, like the moon. The NBC article has a photo of this. The link is below.

The article states the U.S. outlawed this type of advertising in 1993. Russian based StartRocket has no such ban in place and therefore feels they have the right to impose upon the world. ( sarcasm let the last 12 words fly)

For more information, here is the link to the article: NBC Huge Ads in Space

I am beyond not in favor of this concept for so many reasons:

*The signs will prohibit stargazing with physical obstruction and light noise
*Nature is an escape. 
*The atmosphere already has space junk. Why put more there?
*There is no universal language. Why does the entire world have to read this sign devoted to one people group?

When we are silent, we lose the right to stop a wrong.

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