Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chicago Fire vs Polar Vortex

Photo by Mary Vee
A cornfield by summer, snow and wind playground in winter

Like many folk in the northern parts of the United States, I have stayed inside and watched white swirling winds drop the temperatures far below 0 today. 

Yesterday was freezing, but today is, well, a good day to be inside. I plan to have a warm, hearty meal for my hubby who is working in the Emergency Room. Kudos to all the emergency services who are on standby for us. Don't forget the homeless. The shelters are crowded. I am going with a group on Sunday to spend the afternoon and evening at a rescue mission, talking, keeping them company, being their friend.

The one issue that amazed me with this polar vortex is an odd problem in Chicago.

The train rails are so cold they are malfunctioning. CNN and ABC posted an article about this situation. The link is below.

The sub 0 temperatures cause the metal rails to contract and separate. The separation pulls at the bolts holding the rails together. Many have popped out of place. The only way to repair the tracks is to heat them. Workers pour kerosene on the metal and light it. The fires cause the rails to expand enabling the crews to reinstall the bolts and in some cases replace broken ones. 

So, I learned a new application to a principle I already knew. Kudos to Chicago Rail Workers.

If you live in the north, stay home if possilble. Stay warm.

Link to News Article click here

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