Monday, December 10, 2018

Tis the Season to Watch Out For Scams-Tips To Help You

Scam artists are getting better at their craft.

Photo by Mary Vee-
A real phone booth - Luzern, Switzerland

My heart breaks when I read about a person conned by these people, especially the elderly. I know several personally. 

It is so easy to say, "How can they be duped? Don't they know..."

The answer is, scam artists are very good at deception. For every word we say to them, they have a prepared script to keep us on the phone. The longer we are on the phone, the better their chances are to reel us in. Like a fisherman dangling bait for fish. 

I asked a friend who knows how to deal with these situations, "How can you know for sure if the vendor whom you've dealt with for years is really the one calling or writing an email or sending a snail mail letter?"

He said, "The bottom line is you can't. Hang up. Never say the word "yes" or the word "no" to the caller. They can record your response and use it to say you agreed to what they offered. If you are concerned or interested in pursuing the question, call the direct line to your vendor, a number you have used before and speak with them. Ask if they called. Never call the initial solicitor back."

We use caller ID. Still, there have been some sneaky scammers identifying themselves as vendors we know. I let the answering machine record the call. If I have a question, I follow my friend's advice and call the direct number to my vendor and speak with them, never using the number left on the machine.

Here are some more tips:
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Be cautious about paying for gas at the pump. Pay inside.

The idea for this article came to me when I visited the site. They have a great article: Scams to watch out for during the holiday season. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

I want you to have a happy Christmas. Let's fight these scammers by not letting them win!

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One extra minute. One extra step. One ounce of caution


Merry Christmas



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