Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Friendship, Humor, A Hero Honored

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I listened to the live broadcast of the service in memory of George H.W. Bush today and was surprised at all I learned about this man who was a former president of the United States.

Keynote speakers told of former president Bush's time as a navel jet pilot whose plane went down in the ocean off the coast of Japan. He was rescued before enemy soldiers found him. This event happened when he was twenty.

From there he built a life of honoring others and establishing friendships. It is said he never hated anyone.  

He celebrated life to his last days, taking a speedboat out on the water and outrunning his secret service detail in his eighties, and parachuting from a plane in his nineties to mention only a few.

President Bush was known for his international efforts, receiving honors from a former Canadian Prime Minister and a German president, in addition to others. While speakers shared the list of his many notable and great historical accomplishments, one descriptive word about him stood out more, friendship. 

He saw needs and helped where he could, and when a dose of humor would help he told jokes. Apparently, he had a subscription to a joke network that he read often.

I guess I hadn't seen the many good sides of George H.W. Bush that were presented during the service, but a little boy who had leukemia did when the then President George HW Bush visited him and other sick children. That was when we learned he and Barabra lost their three-year-old daughter to cancer.

We know in our heads life isn't guaranteed. Since we still have this day, what one word would you like to be described as from those who know you? This can still be done. While the name Mary Vee may not be remembered for time, maybe the Never Give Up Stories that are shared will be used to encourage others. George HW Bush lived a life of many Never Give Up Stories that have impacted the world.

Rest in Peace, President Bush.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Friendship 



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