Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Western Hurricanes and Eastern Typhoon Bully the Land

As you know, hurricanes and typhoons are the same storm but are given different names based on the location. While I had about three different ideas for today's post, my mind refused to walk away from these storms. 

I've never lived or happened to visit an area during either of these storms, but I've lived through four tornadoes. Maybe you haven't experienced either of these but you've endured something else. It seems that every place on the earth has a unique issue either from earth, fire, or water. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Fire, Such a list.

Typhoon over the Philippines
Photo Courtesy: NASA
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Hurricane Florence
Photo Courtesy: Department of Defense
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At times such as these, we feel our dreams may not come true. Ever. Much is lost. Much feels like it can never be regained.

Doors slam in our face or collapse, seemingly impossible to go through again. And the windows, well they just seem too small.

Thankfully, we're truly never alone. Heroes come to the rescue. You know the ones. Those who not only provide for our basic needs, medical, food, water, housing, but the ones who do more than listen. They encourage us to keep trying. They stand by us. Walk with us. Cry with us. Hold our hand. They set goals above what we feel we can reach then help us meet them. They distract us from the sorrow and the I can'ts and watch us unknowingly reach the bar.

So let's talk about the heroes.

I'll start the list, then you add.

Food Banks
Blood Banks
Schools converted to temporary housing
Good Samaritan
Nationwide volunteers
Truckers who transport needed supplies
Loved ones who stayed back with those unable to evacuate. 
In the Philippines, I'll add the diggers who painstakingly work to uncover those trapped.
The food preparers for workers
Those who donate food, money, medical, and other supplies
Those who organization distributions
Businesses like Waffle House who fly in workers and provide food. 

Okay your turn. Help me talk about the unsung heroes who help us move past the bullies. 

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: UnsungHeroes

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Dedicated to the people from the Carolinas and the Philippines


quietspirit said...

Praying friends. I would not have made it through my dad's illnesses and issues with me had it not been for my praying church family.

Mary Vee Writer said...

A good one!!