Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The City Of Grand Rapids is Alive with Art Prize

Grand Rapids, Michigan is hosting Art Prize. It is a downtown event. Streets are lined with amazing art ranging in tens of categories. The exhibits are free to view. You only need a good pair of walking shoes.

This particular entry captured my eye because I could also capture city buildings in the photo. 

More than the interesting photo, the concept driving this piece amazed me. So creative. So inventive. So well executed.

The artist interviewed random individuals in Grand Rapids, recording unique snippets. She chose short clips then printed the phrase on a piece of clothing. What I liked was how the clothing items matched something about the quote, for example: one spoke of older days. The message was printed on an early 60's pleated skirt. You might be able to zoom in on the next photo to read some of the sayings. 

Hundreds of people walked through the clotheslines, reading messages, laughing for some, serious for others. This interactive piece, received my vote for their category.

This is another amazing piece. Hung in the convention center, it was a huge piece. Easily fifty people stood in front when I arrived, giving me only this odd angle to take the picture. They pointed to objects, showing and discussing with whomever was with them an intriguing portion. This was not a piece viewers glanced at and walked on. I'd say they stayed at least several minutes or more.

These two pieces seemed the most complex, intriguing, thought provoking to me. Although I truly enjoyed the Phoenix, and the immense carving/photo of Michigan.

There were many other amazing pieces as well. I understand some light up at night!

The artists who presented their work for this year's Grand Rapids Art Prize deserve kudos.

All three photos are by Mary Vee
Grand Rapids 2018 Art Prize

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quietspirit said...

Very Interesting.

Mary Vee Writer said...

It was an exciting day. I can't wait to go there again.