Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Castle Ghost Stories Heard on the Rhine

Have you ever wondered where the countries like the Netherlands get the earth to build up areas of their country which is regularly flooded? 

Well, wonder no longer.

Photo by Mary Vee, Rhine River

The large brown area in this photo is a quarry. The land belongs to the Netherlands.

It's true. This tiny portion of land along the Rhine in Germany belongs to the Netherlands. 

Workers quarry out this land and transport it to the Netherlands using the material to build dikes and surge for storms. 

Castle on the Rhine-by Mary Vee

On the far right side of the photo above is the castle in this photo to the left. 

The story about this castle is vague, but what we know is that in years to come this castle will sit alone in this area. All the hill surrounding it will be gone.

It will teeter on a mere stub of a rock.

Castle on the Rhine by Mary Vee

The Netherlands has a great need though. The original soil in their country is peat. It soaks water like a sponge and is sinking.

The German nation has helped. 

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quietspirit said...

Interesting. Am I right in thinking this castle sits on the land shown in the first photo?

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yes. All three photos are of the same castle.