Tuesday, July 3, 2018

So Un-American. So Should-Be American

photo by Mary Vee
Blue Ridge flag

An author, whom I've know from a distance for a long time and have had few conversations with but I doubt remembers, has chosen to retire. In the panel-yahoo group where he has shared his writerly advice for all these years, there is a big going away party. Memories shared. Thanks given. All the usual that is done for those who have given so much to their field.

What I wanted to share with you today, is his response to one of the compliments: 

For six years I served as a missionary in Kenya, East Africa. A few years later, I returned for my first visit. The night before I left Kenya, I met with a group of pastors in a mud-and-thatch hut for a final meal. 
          Unasked, those pastors began telling me things I had done for them. Their words shocked me. “Really? I don’t remember doing that,” I said each time, “but I do remember when you. . . “ 
         That kind of dialog went on for perhaps 20 minutes before Blascio spoke up in the Luo language. Here’s my translation into English: “Those who give must not remember; those who receive must not forget.”

          That incident kept filling my thoughts as I read through your kind and generous comments

You may ask, what is so unAmerican about that?

Well, we are a greedy people.

Each with our own ideas of how things should be done.
Each with our own ideas of how we should think.
Each with our own ideas of how to act/respond.

We have become a "me-first" culture. Infatuated with our own agenda/thoughts/desires/etc. In the wake, a new group of people is harmed. So, what's the difference? Two wrongs make a right? 

I read this message from the author and said to myself, yes. His words are true. And I should try harder to be a giver who considers all those around me, not an exclusive group. I should also move on without expectation of praise because if I keep busy doing the good for all the people around me, I won't have time to wait for my "due praise". 

Consider adding this phrase from a wise author who announced his retirement to your thoughts:  

Those who give must not remember, 
those who receive must not forget.

To those who live in American, I hope your Independence Day Celebration is full of good cheer, thrilling fireworks, family fun, good food, and proves to be a moment when you can show a strong patriotic spirit.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: So-American

My book, Daring To Live, A Patriotic Suspense Novel is available on Amazon and makes for a great read for this patriotic season. 


quietspirit said...

You have given me a lot to think on. Enjoy your holiday.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I hope you enjoyed yours as well. :)