Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Good Kind of Exhaustion

Believe it or not, there is a good kind of exhaustion, and you've probably felt it.

The exhaustion at the end of the day when your thoughts vaporize the second your head hits the pillow. Hah, perhaps your eyes drifted shut while enjoying the wind down activity before going to bed, and someone from your family said, "Do you want to go to bed?" You naturally said, "No." Even if you really wanted to sleep. True?

My family gave me the best week ever celebrating Mother's Day. My son took me for a six-hour, intense hike after church on Sunday. My daughter took me on an adventure climb down a rugged cliff on Monday. No ropes required, but, yes we slid down mucky waterfall saturated earth.
Grand Haven
Photo by Mary Vee
My husband took me to one of the lighthouses on the Great Lakes. Of course, we walked the beach and to the end of the pier. 

Ending the three day adventures, my family watched my favorite movie with me. My eyes drifted toward sleep in the middle of the story. Hubby asked if I wanted to sleep. I naturally said, "No." Because my family couldn't have given me a better week, and some things should not end prematurely.

Spring/Summer sun drifts later into evening hours, wooing us outside. I wish it would do that all year long. Since this is the season for later sunlight, perhaps you've been preparing your flower or vegetable gardens, grooming the landscape around your home or the flower box in your apartment after supper. Opened the windows and breathed in the fresh air.

Life is too good--too short to sit in front of a media device when the outdoors beckons. Right?

In my wildest dreams, at this moment, I would transport to 

Sioux Charlie, Rocky Mountains
Photo by Mary Vee

Sioux Charlie hiking trail in the Rockies where hiking boots are essential to preserve the ankles.

or the trail leading back to Petra in Jordan where the sizzling heat causes hikers to consume liquid from at least three water bottles before reaching the historical city shown in the movie Indiana Jones.

or, and I haven't done this yet, hike the whole Appalachian trail from the upper east coast down to Georgia.

At the end of day. This kind of exhaustion is a good exhaustion. I collapse in my bed, close my eyes and am teleported back to my favorite places in my dreams. My mind may add a few surreal or unlikely details, but meh, it's all good.

Rise and shine. This is a day to enjoy.

Okay, caveat, so nasty issues poke their head in our plans. Seriously, our septic field just died. As in yesterday. The indoor calamity started a season of calling companies, driving to county offices, filling out applications, arranging inspectors, and yada yada, which hasn't ended and has blurted in to our sunny day. We will survive this mental exercise. The bank account will bounce back. On the tail end of this chapter, there will be time for more fun. 

So, what fun project/activity do you have today?

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