Tuesday, April 24, 2018

You Have Worth and Have Something to Smile About

There comes a time when each of us have been able to stand up on a box and shine. You may think you are not one, but, if you give me a moment to help you, I think you will agree that you too have had such a time. Maybe more than once, I hope so.

A time to shine, to beam from the depths of your heart.

It doesn't have to be epic to encourage us. To warm our heart.

I think of a small child who comes to an adult with an object or picture. Their eyes are wide and waiting to see the response. A smile fills their face. Their skin may add color. They are so proud of what they've done and are hopeful...so very hopeful to receive recognition. Encouragement. Support. Pleasure. This is an epic moment.

I think of a teen who has received the recognition they have longed for. Perhaps the unexpected good grade, being elected for school office, their name remembered by someone they didn't expect would notice them. Something from their family. A neighbor. Affirmation. Encouragement. Someone who noticed them and said something nice or acknowledge effort. 

I had a troubled teen life and the accompanying feelings of rejection. A director of a camp spoke at our church. He was funny. I really wanted to go to this teen camp. My dad refused to pay, so I took on jobs and earned the money. I was the only one from my church who went. When I came back and told the other teens what I saw, what we did, the fun we had, others from the teen group listened. The next year nearly all the teens from my church went to the camp and had fun. They probably didn't know how good that made me feel, but it did.

Adults have unusual events that can stir us to feel this sense of accomplishment, worth. It can be a vibrant garden. Something we fixed that actually worked. Friends that come for a visit and have a wonderful time.

Standing on this box and shining doesn't have to happen one time. Nor does it have to be huge, like an Olympic gold medal in the minds of others. But as we reflect on our life, it is to us.

So today is a 

Let it shine 


Your life is important and you truly have great worth.

Let's focus on the good and enjoy this day

I get to start.

Last week my novel, Daring to Live, was released on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. This is a patriotic suspense novel. There are already two comments posted and the book just released! 

From Jenni:
Another amazing novel by May Vee.

Others are reading in their spare time.
Here is a bit about the story:

Patriotism On American Soil 

Little did Staff Sergeant Ethan Hartman know that being sent stateside would result in his next search and rescue mission. 

Liz Westcott fights for a place to sleep after being evicted. She settles for a local train station, the only available roof. There are those who live under that roof, thieves and liars, who look for people like Liz, welcome them into their family, then prevent their escape. Liz's only hope until she can escape, is Daring to Live another minute. 

Suspense that will keep you reading long into the night.

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I look forward to hearing what you think about the story. Please let me know!

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