Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We'd Like To Order Spring, Please

Photo by Mary Vee
The wintery Springtime photos are popping up in news and social medial like popcorn. They don't look anything like my photo from last year to the left! 

From all over the United States, Winter has its hold creating an irritant.

Yes we're kinda tired of the white lawns.

But, did you know snow has unique chemicals not found in rain? These chemicals seep into the soil and produce vibrant crops. Without the snow, farmers must enhance the soil with specialized fertilizers containing these same chemicals. 

I prefer the natural found in snow. Don't you?

Let's check back at the end of this growing season and see what the earth has produced.

Often times irritants sneak into our day. 

Here's a crazy one. This morning, I opened the fridge to get out cream for my coffee. My daughter came into the room and had an important story to share. I listened while grabbing the "creamer", poured said creamer into coffee while keeping eye contact with my daughter, put the lid back on then opened the fridge and realized I had the orange juice in my hand. Good grief. 

I am not one to waste. I am also one willing to try something new. I pulled out the creamer and thought, what would orange flavored coffee taste like? Could I endure it for this one cup? I'd only poured a few drops of the orange juice. Let's just say, the flavor surprised me. Not totally nasty. Not delicious. But tolerable.

Not all irritants are that easy to work with. Some impose upon precious prescheduled time. Some impose upon our health. 

I think of Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary to China long ago. Thousands came to hear him speak about God. He traveled all over China, spoke in his homeland, England, he organized a mission in China, raised funds, and so much more. One day, he injured his back and was unable to leave his bed for nearly a year. This was difficult to endure at first until he realized what he now had the time to do. He dedicated hours to prayer and writing books that are still evangelizing a world, encouraging missionaries, and uplifting the souls. 

When an irritant comes your way, not if, because one always seem to find us, endure. Endure until you can see, somewhere in the moment, there was a good. 

This post has been brought to you by the one word: SomethingGood

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