Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Stories in Print- Animal Prints in Woods Tell Stories

Photo by Mary Vee
I heard a great interview with a nature expert on the radio this morning. The topic, of course, piqued my interest, especially since he was showing the interviewer signs of coming Spring.

With the snow still floating through the air in my neck of the woods, in April no less, I wanted to hear about these signs as an encouragement that yes, Spring really and truly would come.

When you live in a northern state, constant gray skies from November through April can get pretty dull. It's difficult to believe new blossoms are on their way. Animals are waking from hibernation. And the circle of life is not broken.

This radio interview, conducted in a northeast state, let listeners hear the crunch of boots while guide and interviewer traversed through nature. The guide stopped. "See here," he said. "This is a bear paw print. Almond shaped for the toes. A small indentation for the heal. This bear is on all fours. It is a cub. Probably woke before Mama and is out looking for food."

The interviewer told us the guide leaned down to imitate all fours to show positioning. The guide said, "These tracks are like a diary. In all my years, I haven't seen a bear on my hikes, and I'm glad. I wouldn't want to disturb them from their activity. I have, though traced their journey. From these tracks, I can read their journal. What interests they had. What came their way. What created a fear or caused an active response."

Interviewer and guide walked farther then stopped. "See here. These are porcupine tracks. next to them is a gray fox. Predator and prey. These prints are missed by most hikers."

I realized even when I hike I see the big picture all around me but miss these stories in print.

While the short interview ended a moment later, several points rang true. 

Animal tracks tell a story. 
Good details are often missed by the larger things around us.

Today's challenge for you, try to see the little things in life. 
The small packages.
The smile before the giggle.
The flap of a bird's wing.
The single snowflake.
The word on the piece of paper.
The bud.
The drop.
The background.

There is SO MUCH in our world that we haven't seen...and it's right in front of our eyes.

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