Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Finished a Huge Goal Today. One You Enjoy

Finishing a book takes a whole heap of work. I love using the word heap in settings like this. I heard it used by a Jamaican once and thought it sounded perfect.

Any way, I am bound to get today's post out to you before midnight, since it is still Tuesday. 

There's a great sense of fulfillment to meeting a huge goal when time is restricted. Mine was to format my manuscript for publication. No it's not finished, but the piece I assigned for today is. Even if it took the entire day minus making dinner and the other daily required duties, I know this, though, I can go to bed happy today's to-do list is finished. 

This was not a tedious chore. Well, maybe it was a bit when the computer didn't do what I wanted. There is a lot of give and take, downright compromising when dealing with computers. In the end I won.

After more than a year invested, the book is due to be released May 1 in paperback. It will be available in Kindle format as part of a boxed Patriotic novel set later in May.

This is the finished cover. What do you think?

Look intriguing?

Zoom in on the back cover and read the blurb. Intriguing, right?

This is a story of two individuals under fire. As a result they both feel a hefty dose of worthlessness. Even though their issues are different, one answer promises to help.

I hope you're excited now about the release.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Again, please forgive the short post. I should be back on track next week. 

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