Friday, March 30, 2018

The Week That Changed Eternity - pat 4

We are in Israel this week. Walking the streets Jesus walked years ago.

We call today Good Friday to remember what was done for us.

This week, I am sending you daily posts to break up this deep discussion into portions because it deserves our attention. ALL PHOTOS and videos in this post are by Mary Vee.

Last year, about this time, I went to Israel with hubby and recorded the stations of the cross. It is a moving journey. One that slips events found in the Bible from words to reality.

Walk with me. You don't have to pack a bag or save for a long airplane trip. You can go with me. Right now. Stations 1-9 are in the posts below.

Station 10: Pain and suffering was not enough for those who wanted to torment and rid their nation of Jesus. The soldiers added humiliation. 

Not that the walk through city streets lined with masses screaming at Him wasn't humiliation, utter rejection alone. They stripped Him of his clothes before nailing Him to the cross. 


Station 11 Here, Jesus is nailed to the cross. Long metal nails pierce his skin penetrating through his hands and sinking into the wood. The cross is lifted. His body jarred. Jerked into place. The strain of His body mass pulled down.

Jesus, our Savior, could have stopped them. But He didn't.

This was the only way to fully pay the punishment required for the sins of the people He created and loved. 

To visit this site, we had to bow to enter a narrow, dark, staircase to the upper level.


Station 12 Jesus the Christ died. "It is finished." Forgive us, God, for we did not know what we did.

At this place, we knelt and crawled under to touch the rock said to be from the hill Golgotha.

There will be posts Saturday and Sunday as well. We found out there is also a station 13 and 14.  So much to share with you on this trip!! 

With the conclusion of these twelve stations, 
I will give you a chance to think on these things and respond. Scroll down to see the previous posts with the first six stations.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: WhatJesusDidForUs

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