Friday, March 2, 2018

The More Nominations-Grace Awards

My book, Anders' Redemption is eligible for the Grace Award in the mystery category this year.

Any book that you have read which was published in 2017, in any Inspiration category can also be nominated. (women's fiction, contemporary, mystery, speculative, action/adventure/western, young adult) 

The more nominations, the better the chance of a book winning. 

This is how you can nominate my book, Anders' Redemption:

Send an email to the Grace Awards site with the following information:

Anders' Redemption by Mary Vee
Mystery category
Say in 45 words why you liked the book.
Email this nomination to:

Here is a blurb to help you remember what the book was about: 

A horrible accident steals Brice Anders' career and much of his memory. Only hope and motivation wake with him every morning. A letter arrives. A chance to forge the dream Chef career...then an intruder breaks into his new home, sabotaging his work. With days left to Christmas, his job on the line, his memory not helping, only hope can deliver redemption.

Here are some ideas for what to write with the 45 words:

1. Was the novel well written? Did the author use language correctly? Did it make sense?
2. Was the plotline logical? Did any plot turns surprise you? In a good way, as in what a surprise but this really works — or in a bad way, as in “Yikes” this doesn’t work at all?
3. Did the characters feel like living people? Could you identify with the characters and their situations in the novel? Were the scenes plausible?
4. How about pacing? Did you ever get bored?
5. Was the novel true to its setting: time, place?
6. Was the novel entertaining? Did it uplift, send you on an emotional roller coaster, have you on the edge of your seat, tickle your funny bone (depending on the category)?
7. Did the novel engage your Christian walk in a meaningful way? Did it depict Christian life in a plausible manner (in some genres, this would be symbolic)?  Do you think the work adds something of literary value?
Thank You!

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