Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Teens Rising

Photo by Mary Vee, all rights reserved.

Generally speaking many adults rarely hear, see, or think the words teens and rising together. Teens love to sleep in because they enjoy staying up late at night. But today we're not talking about merely rising in the morning.

Today, we're talking about teens who are choosing to break a preconceived mold. One that says teens are too young to become involved in changing our country. To go before a governing power and speak to a concern in hope of influencing laws in our country.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, Bully. Bully to the Florida teens who chose to rise very early, climb on a school bus and ride it to their state capital to address their deep concerns before those in government.

They organized their thoughts. And rather than riot in the streets they went through the process, addressing those who had influence and power to make change. News splashed the event across the nation. Their school responded by giving the day off to encourage other students to benefit from the experience.

This is what it takes to bring about action.

Rising early in the morning. 


Following the procedures.

Make the point. Clear. Don't waver. Stand up for what is believed.

These are not the only young people who have stepped up to the political arena because they wanted to make a change. Although Article 1 of the US Constitution states no one under the age of 25 can serve in the House and no one under the age of 30 can serve in the senate, younger men and women can be elected to serve their state.

Florida's House elected 21-year-old Amber Mariano in 2016. 
Michigan elected 21-year-old Jewel Jones, an African American as State Representative in 2016.
The governor of Tennessee appointed 21-year-old William Charles Cole as judge to the state supreme court. He went on to serve as US Representative for his state.

These are only a few young people who chose to rise up and address their concerns in a way that could bring about change.

Are all teens like this? No.
Are all adults like this? Nope. 

But we all can be. We can do something about the issues we are concerned about.

We can rise up, research the information, and go prepared to make a change.

For me, my concern is helping people hear/read there is a God who loves them dearly and will see each person through joys and triumph, sadness and sorrow. I rise. Prepare. Then speak with those I meet.

The sun has risen. 


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