Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Day The Mom's Were Served

Amid all the terrible news, the sorrow, and grief, I thought we could just take a break and hear about something good.

Something kind.

Something that should be expected but often isn't.

I woke at the 00 early Tuesday hour to make breakfast for hubby, then prep for coffee duty at our MOPs program. Every other Tuesday MOPs (moms of preschoolers) is held at our church. This is a relaxing, laughing, chatting with adults, networking, have an awesome time for moms of birth to preschool age children. And the moms love it.

Usually mom's bring in a breakfast food to share. I've often thought how difficult it is for them to get up, get all their munchkins ready, load them in their car seats, drive to the church, then cart the kids, diaper bags, and the breakfast food inside. Wowsers. But they all do it. 

At this very moment I'm listening to their friendly chatter in the other room.

This meeting, though had a wonderful surprise. 

The pastoral staff of the church came in early and crowded the kitchen space. 

They cracked a zillion eggs, sliced sausage, 

cooked sausage...


and pancakes.

The moms have quieted as I reach this paragraph. They are feasting on delicious food, sipping coffee, and resting while their little ones are in the nursery.

During Jesus' ministry he washed his disciples, cooked and served breakfast on a beach, listened, and so much for. He was a servant. An example for all of us.

So on this day, the pastoral staff made breakfast for these moms. 

The men laughed. Joked. Told their stories. 

Asked where the bowls were and the tin foil.

Melted bacon grease through the plastic dish.

And served A-MAZING food to those who are raising the next generation.


This is news.

This is what should happen across America ... instead of the tragedies we hear and witness.

Perhaps there is a way for you to be a servant to someone today. Even in the least measure. The reward is a smile that will bless you. Laughter that will thrill you. And peace that passes all understanding.

This post has been brought to you by the one word-ServingIsGood


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