Monday, February 5, 2018

Never Give Up Stories ROAD TRIP!!

Preplanned trips offer an enormous amount of security. Hotels are firm. Routes chosen. Time schedules organized. 

This week we are hitting the road. Those of you who have been with Let's Talk know how much I love to travel.

We had airline tickets and chose to cancel them, (in time to get our money back). 

Chuck the routine.

Toss out the plans.

Let our hair down and go. 

We'll collapse the back seats of the minivan for a flat surface. Set up the army cot. Stuff baggage under the cots. Pack the camping stove and hot pot along with groceries. Then take off.

There is something about the thrill of flexibility. We have our destination, AZ. But how we get there, and how long it'll take will be the variable.

Yeeee Haw!!

I found out there is a Dorothy house in the western Kansas. I doubt the town is called, Oz. I'd like to stop there. Moon crater is another spot we'd like to check out.

We're heading southwest. If you have any ideas where we can visit, let me know in the comments. I prefer crazy and different. Not interested in dining, we yank out a Sterno and heat something simple. Restaurants are time hoggers.

I'd like to do some climbing. 

See red rocks.

And maybe, just maybe, get to see the Pacific and the redwoods before we need to return.

We will hotel along the way. I like picking those as we go. If there are no vacancies, well, we'll just drive on down the road till we find one.

We don't often have the opportunity for an impulsive trip. This time we are in-between jobs and can't see sittin' the time away.  

This post has been brought to you by the one word: NeverGiveUpStoriesRoadTrip

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quietspirit said...

When our son lived in Topeka, Kansas. We went out to see him three times. We went to Abilene Kansas and went through the Eisenhower home and library. Another time we went to Abilene and rode the old fashioned trail and watched a reenactment of a gunfight.

quietspirit said...

When we went to Arizona, we went to the Grand Canyon, 4 Corners, Monument Valley, Tucson,(We saw the Seguaro National Park before it was declared to be one,) We had lunch one day in New Mexico. We also saw London Bridge at Lake Havasu City Sedona is interesting. We also went down to Tombstone. Yes, Hubby liked to drive and see what we could while we were there. Enjoy your trip. Prayers for travel mercies.

Mary Vee Writer said...

You've mentioned a few new ideas for us. We did Tombstone, one of the photos above is from there, been to Saguaro National Park...Loved getting lost in there, and have driven through Sedona, but I think there is much more to see there.
Thanks for these ideas!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, great ideas. I haven't done any of these. Thanks!