Monday, January 22, 2018

The Wizard of Internet is a Fraud

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In our everyday life, problems pop up. They aren't always something big. Maybe something that tweaks our agitation for a nano second before a solution strikes us.

Why was the peanut butter in the fridge?
How did the black sock end up in the white laundry batch?
Where are my: glasses, car keys, charger, etc?

These issues we are willing to tackle. No problem. Take the peanut butter out of the fridge. Don't panic when the white batch turns out fine. Search the house and car for missing item.

But when it comes to thinking our way through problems, we are very quick to hit the Internet. 

Can I just say, the Internet is not the all knowing Wizard of Oz? 

There is a lot of misguided information on line and some of it is very difficult to detect...for even the knowledgeable person on the given topic. 

Sure, I'll leap off the edge here for a moment. My economics teacher taught this principle, "Let the buyer beware." I'd like to add to that, "Let the Internet researcher beware."

Just because Web M.D. said it, doesn't make it so. Ask your doctor.
Even the Internet's weathermen give the wrong weather reports.

So what's the real issue here?

We are not thinking.

We don't try to solve problems ourselves. 

We run to Google and ask, "How do you..." And then follow the directions precisely. And while those specific directions may be correct, creativity has fizzled to the vast unknown.

Inventing the wheel is not bad.

Since cooking shows are all the rage, here is a low key example:
I'm standing in my kitchen. Flour spilled on the counters. Measuring cups and spoons have ingredient residue. I open my fridge and find, cue panic music, I don't have the next ingredient! 

Once upon a time, this would not be an issue. I'd search the pantry for a substitute and create a new taste sensation. The family would ooo and ahhh. "Make this again," they'd say.

Today, I'd go to my computer and bring up recipes for the same dish. I'd research alternative ingredients, wading through the one's I've never heard of before not realizing a full hour has vanished, and choose one I think might sort of work. Well, it should. It's on the Internet. And Chef Blah Blah said this ingredient worked.

Really, readers?

Can we not get through a day without the Wizard of Internet?

Another big concern is the awareness of Alzheimers. Memory Loss. Dementia. Research will show lack of this food, too much of that food, lack of exercise, and thousands of other reasons why a growing population is having memory problems leading to serious issues. 

I'm not saying the Internet is a source either.

I am saying, we can be a source. If we don't use our minds to think through problems and questions, we become lazy. Do you remember when you were a child in school. Were you always given the answer?  As a teacher, I told my students...I don't give answers. I guide. I helped them discover resources. I gave them opportunity to discover. I even let them struggle and fail because that is also learning.

Struggling and failing is not bad. Ask Einstein. Edison. Lincoln. 

So, today, I challenge you. For one week...choose not to ask Google. Let me know how it goes. 

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Robin E. Mason said...

BAM!!! mary you are so spot on!!! yes yes yes and yes!!!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you, Robin.

quietspirit said...

This could be difficult but I will try. Just today, I have Google-searched two different items. On Monday, I did some research on Pontius Pilate. But, I will try.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yeah, I know it has become difficult. Once upon a time we kept libraries of great info at home or at our churches. I still have my Matthew Henry Commentaries, a Strong's Exhaustive concordance, Bible atlas, Bible dictionary, etc. books I used in Bible College. Even this morning I used one. Kinda cool flipping through the pages to find something and on the way discover something else. Let me know how it goes for you.