Monday, January 15, 2018

38 Minutes of Sheer Panic

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The Hawaiian false alert from January 13th scared many islanders and raised fears reaching far across the ocean to the mainland.

Throughout our growing up years generations are trained to regard warnings for every type of danger:

Fasten your seatbelt
Look both ways
Duck and cover
Seek shelter
Stop. drop and roll
Don't touch
Stand tall and face a wild animal
Run. Run fast from killer bees
Don't put your hand in hidden areas where rattle snakes shelter
Wash your hands
Avoid hiking in washes
Don't feed animals
Do the lightning crouch
Stay away from windows
Hide in doorways
Get away from buildings
Stay in your car
Seek high ground

Alerts have been developed for cell phones:
Amber Alert
Silver Alert
Blue Alert
Gold Alert
(do you know all of these alerts? I'm sure there are more)

Hawaii's January 13, 2018 false missile attack alert lasted 38 minutes. Panic stricken men, women, and children had no clue what to do. 

Islanders did their best. They grabbed flashlights, radios, cell phones, water, and hid in bathtubs, on lower floors, in buildings, storm drains, anywhere they could find shelter. 

For 38 minutes they didn't know if they would live.

Now, a few days later, we have learned that one person accidentally pressed the wrong button. A three man team gave directions to another three man team, one who had the responsibility to press the button. In the drill process, the button was pressed accidentally.  

In these days after, tempers have soared. Investigations launched. Fingers pointed.

How could such a thing happen?

I think back to Apollo 13, when after an array of mechanical failures, the ridiculous happened. As the astronauts exhaled, carbon dioxide built up in the capsule, filters designed for two men could not accommodate the unexpected three. The filter in the damaged part was round. The overworked and failing filter in the good capsule was square. Men on the ground had to figure out how to fit a round filter into a square hole.

Hawaiian News Now interviewed senators, the governor, military, and other officials during their broadcast. When asked if false reports happened in the past, one official said, "Yes, during the cold war."

The major complaint at this time is not regarding the potential attack but the scare from a false report.

People will not believe future warnings. They will think the government is crying wolf and not prepare for an actual disaster.

From Science Fiction to thriller to action movies and books, there has ALWAYS been more than one step to blow up a ship, release the missiles, whatever the ultimate action was. Codes from two or more approved individuals. Two keys held by two ranking officers. A hand scan plus an eye scan. ALWAYS MORE THAN ONE. 

Even the epic moment, the one we know is yet to come, will have more than one step. "The trumpet will sound, those who have died will rise, and we will be changed." See, God never makes a mistake. He has given us a warning that will come true at the appointed time. 

We don't know when the end times will come, but we can be prepared. To be prepared, God's Word says: Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. That simple. Because God truly loved the world so much that he sent His only Son to take the punishment for our sins, that whoever believes in Him, Jesus, will have everlasting life.

This will not be 38 minutes of wondering. 

38 minutes of panic.

No need to duck and cover.

To have the ultimate peace that passes all understanding.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: 38Minutes


Linda Buice said...

Thought provoking!

quietspirit said...

Good thoughts. As humans we face times where we are definitely not in control. Because we are human, we panic. We ALL need to remember that God is in control and live accordingly.