Monday, December 4, 2017

The Dream, Number One, Christmas Gift

Hubby and I had the annual Christmas talk. The one that starts: "So, honey, what do you want for Christmas?" And continues with, this response: "I don't know."

And so, the games began. Neither one of us wants to confess the dream, number one Christmas gift. 

There are several reasons for this. 
1. The dream gift is uber expensive.
2. The dreamer doesn't trust the purchaser to find and buy the right one.
3. There isn't enough time to arrange/find/get the dream gift.
4. The dreamer feels guilty about asking for that item.


I have no clue what hubby would like for Christmas.

From our first Christmas celebrated as a married couple, we've chosen to have a birthday party for Jesus. Knowing that the money to buy the gifts came from God, we honored Him with a celebration rightfully belonging to Him.

Hubby and I buy balloons, have a birthday cake, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, decorate our home with a Christmas tree theme including lights and the birthday gifts that Jesus enabled us to give each other under the tree. The kids joined the fun the year each one was born.

The children were much, MUCH easier to figure out what gift to buy and wrap. 

Much easier than hubby is.

Have you told those in your life what you'd like for Christmas? Or are you hoping they can read your mind? Go ahead. Tell them. Give them a chance to feel the spazz-jazz of seeing your face when you open the gift. Admit it, don't you love seeing them open the non tie, new socks gift? Yeah. They feel the same when watching you.

Yah, know, Christmas is the biggest, best, birthday ever-- celebrated all around the world. And the One who's birthday we celebrate has the best gift waiting for those who haven't received it, yet. For you too. 
God loves you so much that he sent His One and only Son to take the punishment for all our sins. To everyone who believes in Jesus, that person will receive the gift of eternal life. The gift is waiting for you.

Speaking of spazz-jazz and sharing a personal Christmas wish, I'd like to share mine with you. Although it is small, my wish is that you'd read my debut Christmas book, Anders' Redemption. A story of redemption. Hope. Mystery. And Joy. 
Did you know Charles Dickens self publish his book, A Christmas Carol, another book that showed us so much about the joy of giving, sharing, and family. 6,000 copies sold in those few days before Christmas.

After reading Anders' Redemption, best selling author, Wayne Thomas Batson said, "This could be the next Christmas classic." Anders' Redemption is on sale now through the holidays. I really think you will like this story. Enjoy these days before Christmas with a good story, family, hope, and most importantly, redemption.

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This post has been brought to you by the one word: StoriesOfRedemption
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frankie said...

I think book could be a good gift if your partner loves books. But surprise gifts are more exciting than the told one. I usually go for the same idea.