Monday, October 16, 2017

The Day The Church Went Dark

Nearly 500 people sat in the church A good 200 more in other rooms throughout the building. There were no windows in this modern facility, as is the custom for designs today. Not even stained glassed windows along the side.

There was one fax stained glassed window with back lighting to appear like outside light shine through. 

All was as it had been. 

The people sang. 

Scriptures read.

Then during the prayer the power went out.

It was a weird sensation, because although eyes remained closed, and the pastor continued to pray, a deep awareness enveloped the people. 

After the amen, those who had their phone handy whipped them out and, like at a concerts, whipped on the flashlight, lighting the room. Two took their flashlight to the pianist and lit her music.

The worship never stopped. No one except the mother with the crying baby left. The sound man appeared minutes later with a dusty, old battery-operated microphone and gave it to the music leader.

The preacher couldn't use his notes or any media. He knew his topic and points well, though and carried out his task with passion, never once stammering, faltering, or fumbling. 

Several times, though, his eyes fixed on different places in the back of the room. He squinted.  A message had to be held up for him to read. An update. Some news. Still, with all that happened, all the background movement, he never once lost focus on the message.

And preached an unforgettable sermon.

When he finished he pulled out his phone and read the update from the energy company. Everyone had to go home. The second service would be cancelled. Legally the meeting could not take place without water. 

I felt sorry for those who would have come to the second service to hear that sermon. Without power, the words could not be recorded.

In a nutshell, he spoke about the heroes mentioned in Isaiah 5. The heroes of the day were leading the people astray ... as many of our heroes are.

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