Monday, October 2, 2017

Intense, Life is Intense, right?

Talk about a word for these last few months. 

I know you feel it.

So do I.

The world. Our country. Our city. Our lives.


Here on my front, I was invited to participate in a collaborative Christmas work. I had forgotten a story that I had loved so well. But someone of influence had not. She remembered the core. The inner workings of this story. 

Now years later, when asked to present this work, I looked at the whole and saw the same thing I see one hour before a guest arrives at my home. Clutter. Dust. Dirt on the floor. Laundry. Dishes. Gasp.

I asked for time to edit the story, wanting with all my heart to present the very best for this great opportunity. She gave me one week. 18-20 hour intense days. 7 days. 4 unique edits (grammar, content, format, final overall)). Intense. I poured over this story scrubbing, scouring, taking out the trash, cleansing, shining, then stood back and as I pressed the send button, I honestly felt I had done my best.

I learned so much about pure unadulterated dedication. Such passion that is more than needed, it is required for the best. Nothing "deserved". Nothing someone owes. Pure buck-up and get the job done.

It was work. 


And now it is finished.

At the publisher.

I want to introduce to you one of two Christmas mysteries that will be released in October. Next week I will show you the second one. 

Introducing Anders' Redemption. Available in stores October 10th. 

Anders’ Redemption, the new novella by Mary Vee, is a most welcome Christmas surprise. A unique genre-blender, Redemption offers the mystery of footprints in the snow outside your window, the suspense of a coming blizzard, and the heart-warming power of a winter cup of hot cocoa. This could be the next Christmas classic.”
--Wayne Thomas Batson, Bestselling Author of
The Door Within Trilogy, Dreamtreaders, and GHOST.

Until then...stand strong in these intense times. God has your back.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Intense


quietspirit said...

Yes, the watch word for these days is intense. We feel in on the national level. I experience every time I turn on the TV news. I also feel it inside some issues evident in our church. Thank God, I have not had felt it in my home like it is outside.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I am glad for you as well. May peace abound in your home.